Sins of the Father
Quest Information
Starting Location: Chorrol
Starting NPC: Fathis Ules
Possible Reward(s): Honorblade of Chorrol/Escutcheon of Chorrol

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Back in Chorrol after completing the "Legacy Lost" quest, you have to locate a Dunmer called Fathis Ules. He moves around a bit, but if he's not in any of the inns, wander around until you find his house on your close-up map. He'll tell you that Albert Jemane - father of the twins you re-united in "Separated from Birth" and then took back to their home at Weatherleah in "Legacy Lost" - was a well-known thief. He stole a valuable artifact, which he does not name, but is actually a sword called the Honorblade of Chorrol. Albert Jemane stole it from the Thieves Guild many years ago, and hid it in the Redguard Valley Cave. Fathis will mark this on your map, and add that he'll pay you a lot of gold, if you can get it for him.

Go to Redguard Valley Cave and you will find it full of ogres. Vigorously kill them all, and eventually you will find the Ogre Chieftain, who has the sword you are seeking. You then have to decide whether to sell it Fathis, or take it to Chorrol Castle (from where it was originally stolen), and offer it back to the Countess.

As it is a pretty powerful weapon, you may well find the best course is to use it yourself for a while, at least until you find an even better one. When you eventually take it to the castle, give it to the Herald, Laythe Wavrick, and he will reward you with the Escutcheon of Chorrol, the highest honor that can be bestowed by the Court (although it is not much use as a piece of armor). If you have also got past the stage of removing the Oblivion gate outside Chorrol, the Countess will offer you the chance to buy a house. Snap it up. It's one of the most pleasant in Cyrodiil.

To complete the quest you need to go back to Weatherleah and tell Guilbert Jemane what has happened. He's shattered to learn about his father's criminal record, but gives you a "personal keepsake" as thanks for righting his family's past wrongs.