Quest Information
Starting Location: Sheogorath's Shrine
Starting NPC: Ferul Ravel
Possible Reward(s): Wabbajack

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This particular Daedric quest requires you to be at least level 2 to begin it. Once you meet that requirement, pay a visit to Sheogorath's Shrine located to the northwest of Leyawiin along the Elsweyr border. You'll find that Sheogorath's followers are more than slightly crazed. None of them can form a coherent sentence and Ferul Ravel is the only one who can tell you what sort of offering Sheogorath is looking for. Apparently the Daedric prince is looking for a Lesser Soul Gem, a head of Lettuce, and some Yarn before he'll speak with you. Unless you haven't played the game much, none of these items should be too unfamiliar to you. If you don't already have them in your possession, a couple of burglaries might be in order. You can find soul gems in Cyrodiil's Mages Guilds, the lettuce can be bought or stolen, and yarn turns up in a variety of regular houses in just about every city.

Bring the items back here to the Grove of Madness and offer them to Sheogorath. He begins to toy with you by threatening to turn you into a goat or make you eat your own fingers, but then decides to instead have you make the lives of those who live in the settlement of Border Watch a little more interesting. The people there are a superstitious bunch, and Sheogorath wants you to make one of their prophecies come true. You're to travel to the settlement and speak with the shaman there about the K'Sharra prophecy to learn what you'll need to do in order to make it happen.

Continue down the Elsweyr border to the south until you reach Border Watch. Ri'Bassa is the guy you're looking for, and any of the other townsfolk will direct you to him if you ask about the prophecy. I found him carrying on a conversation at the top of the settlement's main stairway during the day, but you might have to do a little more searching if you arrive at an odd time (check the Border Watch Inn first).

With a high enough Disposition, Ri'Bassa will tell you a bit about the K'Sharra prophecy. The prophecy foretells that the gods will eventually send three signs signalling the end of the world. The first if the Plague of Vermin, meaning that Border Watch will be overrun by disease-carrying rats. The second is the Plague of Famine, in which all of thw town's livestock will fall dead with no apparent explanation. The third is the Plague of Fear, though Ri'Bassa will not tell you the specifics for the third sign. Don't worry about this one, though. Sheogorath will step in and take care of it when it's needed.

If you quiz Ri'Bassa about the town of Border Watch, he also tells you that S'thasa at the Border Watch Inn carries a fine collection of cheeses. Speak with her about it and she'll tell you that she has a rare Olroy cheese that "stinks to the heavens and beyond." She keeps it locked away tight because the smell from cooking it would draw rats for miles. Hmm. What a coincidence. If you have a reasonable amount of Sneak skill, pickpocket the Display Case Key from her. If you're not able to get the key for whatever reason, you'll have to do some very difficult lockpicking.

The display case holding the Olroy cheese is the blue one nearest to S'thasa's counter. Snatch the cheese from within, then go toss it in the cooking pot just outside the inn. Within a minute or two, the whole settlement will be overrun with rats. Once the vermin have nestled their way in, Ri'Bassa will come outside and place some Rat Poison on the ground between the two sets of stairways. Once he leaves, pick up the poison and take it south to the livestock pen. Place it in the feeding trough there and watch as each sheep approaches it and gets poisoned. Within a minute or two, all six of the sheep will be lying dead.

At this point, Sheogorath will speak to you again. He tells you to move into the center of Border Watch and "make sure you duck." Move to the area where Ri'Bassa had placed the poison and you'll lose control of your movement. While you stand there, an Oblivion storm will approach and the sky will suddenly start raining dogs... on fire! The Khajiit will start running around the settlement frantically, all of whom believe the K'Sharra prophecy has come true. Once you've witnessed enough of the entertainment, return to Sheogorath's Shrine.

Sheogorath seems very happy with the results at Border Watch. For helping him carry out the practical joke, he gives you a "fun little toy" called Wabbajack. This staff is unlike anything else you've found up to this point. If you strike a creature with it, they will polymorph into an alternate creature. Of course, the alternate creature can be either more or less powerful than the one you were originally up against, so only use it on the more powerful creatures you encounter. It makes for a very handy weapon while in Oblivion!