Secrets of the Ayleids
Quest Information
Starting Location: Imperial City
Starting NPC: Umbacano
Possible Reward(s): 500 Gold

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After you have completed "The Collector" and the "Nothing You Can Possess" quests, Umbacano will ask for your help again. This time he wants you to negotiate the purchase of the Ayleid Crown of Nenalata from a rival collector, called Herminia Cinna. He pays you in advance, saying that you can keep anything left over. You can use your compass to locate her, as she lives nearby in the Talos Plaza area.

Hermenia refuses point-blank to sell you the crown, saying it can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Instead she suggests a cunning plan. She knows an almost identical crown exists in the Elven ruins of Lindai. which she marks on your map. She also gives you a key to the Royal Burial Chamber. As Umbacano has never seen either of the crowns, she says, he will probably not know the difference between them.

So off you go to Lindai, where you recover the crown (more like a circlet), after battling your way through the usual Ayleid traps. (Hint: stick to the close to the walls, and be careful crossing open spaces). After you find it, take the Ayleid Crown of Lindai back to Umbacano, and he will then ask you to accompany him to the throne room of Nenalata, to complete his research. There are not a lot of traps in Nenalata, but you have to protect him from a few ghosts and other undead.

When you arrive in the Throne Room, he puts the crown on his head and sits down on the throne. He is instantly attacked and killed by a host of furious dead citizens as he is, of course, wearing the crown of a rival state. After dealing with Umbacano, they will turn on you. If you are strong enough you can kill them all, but, if not, it is probably wiser to flee.