Ritual of Mania
Quest Information
Starting Location: Thadon's Court in New Sheoth
Starting NPC: Wide-Eye
Possible Reward(s): Ring of Lordship

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In order take Sheogorath's position, you first have to get rid of the Dukes of Mania and Dementia. (see: "Ritual of Dementia" for your choices at this point). Asking around Thadon, the Duke of Mania's court you will discover he is addicted to the drug of Greenmote in a distilled form. What you need to do is to give him an overdose. Find a character called Wide-Eye, and she will let slip that she does an errand for him at noon every day. Conceal yourself in sneak mode in the Palace courtyard, and watch her. You'll see her activate a secret entrance. Follow her, and she will lead you to a pile of greenmote. Wait until she's gone and then take a few portions yourself. You only need two portions, but take a few extra for your own alchemical use. You may need an invisibility spell, as she tends to dally awhile, and you do not want to get caught.

Your next task is to get it into the Duke's food. You need to find the kitchen in the palace, and - again using an invisibility spell or potion - place one portion into his food, and another into his wine, which is the largest bottle on the shelves next to the stove. He dines at eight o'clock, so you must complete the task before then, at a moment when the cook has left, probably to have a piss.

Using sneak mode, go to the dining room and watch what happens. After his meal he falls down dead, and you must now collect some of his blood. Take this to the Altar of Arden-Sul in the Sacellum, the temple to the right outside the palace. When you touch the altar there is a flash of light, and the High Priest of Mania, Dervenin, proclaims you Duke of Mania. Meanwhile you get a bit of an earful from Syl, the Duchess of Dementia.

Go and see Sheogorath and he will give you the very useful Ring of Lordship, which makes you officially the Duke of Mania.