Revenge Served Cold
Quest Information
Starting Location: Harm's Folly
Starting NPC: Corrick Northwode
Possible Reward(s): A number of gems (depending on level) and some spells.

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Harm's Folly is a farm northeast of the Imperial City, on the "n" of "Heartlands" on your map. Here you will find Corrick Northwode with a sorry tale to tell. His wife Kayleen was abducted and murdered by some goblins, who also stole a precious amulet. (You may arrive at a time when Corrick is absent. In this case go round to the east of the house, and place your cursor on her gravestone. Shortly afterwards he will appear and talk to you).

He shows you where the goblins live - in Exhausted Mine, a little way to the southwest. Go there and smite the lot of them, Three areas in, you will find and kill the Goblin Netherboss, who has the amulet on him. (Incidentally, if you stumble across the cave before first meeting Corrick, you can simply complete the quest the other way around).

Take the amulet back to Corrick who will reward you with gemstones according to your level. He will also suggest you pay your respects to his dead wife. If you do so (by laying your cursor on her tomb) you will receive two powerful spells of Fortify Health and Fortify Fatigue. Any time you are passing there you can renew these.