Retaking the Fringe
Quest Information
Starting Location: Sacellum in Bliss
Starting NPC: Sheogorath
Possible Reward(s): None

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Once you have taken either house, and have talked to Sheogorath after placing the object on the altar, the other house will resign and then threaten to side with Order. Either way you will earn the Ring of Lordship, which will give you an advantage based on which house you choose. Speak with Sheogorath and he will explain that Order has taken the Fringe.

Head back to Passwall, either by fast traveling to the Gates of Madness, or madly travel there by foot. Speak with Grakendo Udico. (The name of this character and its race as a dark seducer or a golden saint will depend on which house you chose.) She explains that she and her men have been holding off Knights of Order, but can't hold out much longer because they keep spawning wave after wave.

You will then have to fight off nine Knights, Three waves of three. If you are a mage, as I was, you may have to summon creatures to fight, because it is easy to accidentally hit the dark seducers/golden saints. You can also either order the characters to fire arrows or go to the frontlines as you see fit. Once you have fought them off, Udico tells you to go to Xeddefen, the source of the spires power, and she suggests that you knock it out.

If you have explored Xeddefen when you first came to Passwall, then you will notice that the original Grummite warriors have been replaced with Priests of Order, which are fairly easy to wipe out. There is a key on the body of a priest near the entrance that will help out if you do not have a high security level or a skeleton key. Make your way through to the Fane.

Fight your way through the Fane. There will be a few gates here that won't open, but you should be able to make it to the Great Chamber. You will run into Shelden, the original ruler of Passwall. Ask him to join along and he will offer distraction to the Knights within Xeddefen. He can't die, so don't worry about him. Just make your way to the obelisk and plant three Hearts of Order in it to overload it. Don't miss the crystal chest here on the ground.

As soon as the obelisk is deactivated, the place starts coming down around you. There is no chance of backtracking, so take the new path Felles section of the dungeon. Make your way through dodging the Knights. Don't waste time fighting them off. Get through the dungeon and talk to Udico, who will tell you to speak with Sheogorath.