Repairing Weapons
Quest Information
Starting Location: N/A
Starting NPC: N/A
Possible Reward(s): N/A

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If you choose to become an armorer, you can repair your own weapons, using the repair hammers which you will find all over the place. The hammers break quite quickly until you have gained sufficient experience, either by training or experience. Also you cannot repair enchanted weapons until you are at a relatively high level.

It is much easier to get someone else to do the work for you, provided you have the necessary cash. Any armorer (and there is at least one in each city) will repair your weapons during their opening hours. There are also a couple of armorers in the Imperial City Market District. But more convenient are the Porters in nearly all the Fighter's Guilds, who will repair your weapons and armor relatively cheaply. The advantage of using them is that they never seem to sleep, so they are available 24 hours a day.

The exception is Chorrol's Fighter's Guild, which has its own (lady) armorer, Sabine Laul, who works in the basement. She gets up a bit late, but you can usually intercept her earlier in the square of the Great Oak (opposite your house, if you own it), and she will do the work for you on the spot. After midday she is usually practicing her swordplay in the basement, but she does not mind if you interrupt her.

Once you get to the Shivering Isles, go to Cutter's Weapons (halfway up the main stairway, next to the Museum of Oddities) to get your weapons repaired. Cutter - a somewhat sinister lady - can also recharge your magic weapons.