Repairing the Orrery
Quest Information
Starting Location: Any Zone
Starting NPC: None
Possible Reward(s): Random Amount of Gold, Greater Power

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After installing Bethesda Softworks' official Orrery plug-in, you'll discover a Note from Bothiel at the Imperial City Arcane University (this note appears immediately if you've loaded a game in progress or just after leaving the Imperial City Sewers if you've started a new game). The note mentions a reward for anyone willing to track down the bandits at Camp Ales and recover the Dwarven artifacts they've intercepted, which includes two Dwarven Cogs, one Dwarven Coherer, one Dwarven Cylinder, nad one Dwarven Tube.

Camp Ales is located a considerable distance to the north of Kvatch between Fort Hastrel and Mongrel's Tooth Cave. Fast-travel to the nearest location you have mapped out, then travel the remaining distance on foot or horseback. The camp is in a grassy area on top of a steep hill and is guarded by a "Bandit Carrier." The bandit immediately attacks when you get within range, so be prepared for a fight. When you've run him through, search his corpse to find an "Undelivered Letter" and one of the Dwarven Cogs you need. The letter expains the bandits' plans to scatter the Dwarven artifacts so the "Legion pigs" can't track them down easily. Luckily, all of the safespots are listed - Dagny's Camp, Brotch Camp, Bodean Camp, and Varus Camp.

As it turns out, none of the other camps are very far away from where you are now. Using your compass as a guide, pay a visit to each camp (the order doesn't matter) and slay the Bandit Carriers as they attempt to defend the Dwarven artifacts they possess. You may find yourself pitted against more than one bandit at some of the camps, so approach cautiously and try to single them out. When all of the Dwarven artifacts have been recovered, you'll receive a journal entry prompting you to bring them to Botheil at the Arcane University so she can repair the Orrery.

Fast-travel to the Imperial City Arcane University and speak with Bothiel (she can typically be found in the Arch-Mage's lobby during evening hours). Once she confirms that you've brought all of the Dwarven artifacts, Bothiel gives you a small gold reward (which varies, depending on your level) and then heads into the Orrery. If you try to follow her, you'll find that the door is locked.

To gain access to the Orrery, simply wait until the following morning and you'll receive a journal entry that the Orrery is functional and that you can visit it as often as you like to receive powers based on the phases of the moons. You'll now find that the door to the Orrery is unlocked, so make your way inside and ascend either flight of stairs to reach the Imperial Orrery Console. When you activate the console, the Orrery comes to life and offers a nifty display of the game's solar system. If you activate the console again, your character will receive a Greater Power in relation to the appearance of the moon displayed on the console. Each of these Greater Powers will allow you to increase one of your attributes by twenty points for sixty seconds while reducing another by twenty points for the same time period. Refer to the following list if you're trying to track down a specific power:
  • Full Moon: Masser's Might (+20 Strength, -20 Speed)
  • New Moon: Masser's Alacrity (+20 Speed, -20 Strength)
  • 3/4 Waxing Moon: Masser's Courage (+20 Endurance, -20 Agility)
  • 3/4 Waning Moon: Masser's Grace (+20 Agility, -20 Endurance)
  • 1/2 Waxing Moon: Secunda's Brilliance (+20 Intelligence, -20 Willpower)
  • 1/2 Waning Moon: Secunda's Will (+20 Willpower, -20 Intelligence)
  • 1/4 Waxing Moon: Secunda's Magnetism (+20 Personality, -20 Luck)
  • 1/4 Waning Moon: Secunda's Luck (+20 Luck, -20 Personality)