Rebuilding the Gatekeeper
Quest Information
Starting Location: New Sheoth Palace
Starting NPC: Sheogorath
Possible Reward(s): None

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Now that the Fringe is partially secure for the time being, Sheogorath wants you to build another Gatekeeper to secure it fully. Sheogorath will lead you to Relmyna. She resides in a place called Xaselm now. Get there and fight through the entrance area to get to the Experiment Chambers.

The Experiment Chambers are filled with traps and experiments that Relmyna has been working on. Feel free to explore and read her scrolls if you like, or simply keep to the hallways until you find the Sanctum of Vivisection.

Regardless of your choices in speech here, Relmyna will send you on a component search to create the next gatekeeper. If you continually agree to be tortured in their stead, Relmyna will shoot a bolt of pain into you which will permanently drain 5 points from most of your attributes. You also receive the Manacles of Pain, which drain your Intelligence and Endurance in exchange for your Strength and Willpower. Not really worth it.

Head to the Gardens in Passwall, the very same that you had to go to with Ice-Veins (Whatever happened to him) Keep moving until you reach the second area. Neither of the two ingredients that Relmyna requires here are difficult to find, but thoroughly explore the northern area of the level before dropping down to grab the Dermis Membrane, if you like, because it's impossible to return to that section of the level when you fall down.

It will be difficult to ensure that you thoroughly explore the Caverns of Susurration. Many paths overlap on your map, so your map becomes insufficient. The best mode of action is to follow the green "breaths." When you get the Essence of Breath, the only other path available will lead you to the Natatorium of Wound Bled Tears. The switch to open the door leading to the Blood Liqueur is directly across from the door, on the bottom of the small platform with the chest on it. Grab the Liqueur and then exit the dungeon.

If you escape from the Gardens and return to Relmyna, she'll send you to her storage area to pick out body parts. It's a neat way to customize the Gatekeeper. Later on you can touch the Gatekeeper when it is created and when you do, it will cycle through the things you choose and give you a greater power that relates to the body part.

Relmyna will then send you back to where the first Gatekeeper was. No need to keep pace with her, just fast travel back there and wait for her if she isn't there already. Speak with her, or rather she will speak with you, and then the Gatekeeper's creation will start. To place the pieces into the cauldron-like thing in the middle of the platform, click on it. When the Gatekeeper is created, touch it and you will cycle through the different powers. When you find one you like, return to Sheogorath.