Raid on Greyland
Quest Information
Starting Location: Outside Leyawiin's North Gate
Starting NPC: Lerexus Callidor
Possible Reward(s): Gold

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This is one of the more - if not the most - trivial quests in the game. The guy who wrote it must have been on cannabis at the time, which is known as Skooma in Cyrodiil.

Just outside the main gate into Leyawiin, you will meet a Legion Guard called Lerexus Callidor. He will tell you that he is anxious to put a stop to drug-trading in the area. He believes that there is a Skooma dealer called Kylius Lonavo operating in a settlement called Greyland, which is a short distance north up the road. He offers you a cash reward to go and hit the dealer, promising you the money if you bring back Lonavo's ring as proof that you have knocked him off.

So you just trot up the road to Greyland and locate the dealer's house, using your compass and close-up map. Break into it if necessary. There's a bit of a struggle with his cronies, after which you kill Kylius Lonavo, and take his ring. Then you simply totter back down the road, and hand the ring over to Lerexus. He gives you some money, but this reviewer was so stoned on Skooma at the time that he cannot even remember how much it was.