Quest Information
Starting Location: Skingrad
Starting NPC: Glarthir
Possible Reward(s): Gold

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This is an ancillary quest that this reviewer failed (or rather declined) to complete. In Skingrad you will some time come across a Wood Elf called Glarthir, who asks you to meet him behind the Chapel of Julianos after midnight. You can do this on any date, weeks or even months later.

When you go there he will ask for your help in watching three characters whom he believes are spying on him. If you ask any guard about Glarthir, they will tell you he is insane. If you then decide to decline to follow Glarthir's mission any further, he will attack the guards on his own and get himself killed. Good riddance.

On the other hand, if you want to pursue this quest to the end, you have to confirm Glarthir's suspicions about each of the three people he imagines are spying on him, and then accept his offer of 1000 gold to kill them all. If that is your choice, good luck!

Also worthy of note is that you can take his key off his body after the guards have killed him, and then go and legitimately loot his house anyway.