Origin of the Gray Prince
Quest Information
Starting Location: Arena Bloodworks
Starting NPC: Agronak gro-Malog
Possible Reward(s): Gray Prince's Training

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Agronak gro-Malog is the current Grand Champion of the Imperial City Arena. The citizens of Cyrodiil refer to him as the "Gray Prince", but you have no idea why. Since Agronak can be found training in the Arena Bloodworks at virtually any time of the day, though, you can simply walk up to him and ask him about the name.

According to Agronak, the "Gray Prince" title refers to the fact that Agronak is only half Orc. He'll also explain that his mother was a servant for Lord Lovidicus and that the two fell in love. Lord Lovidicus fathered Agronak behind his wife's back, but when Lady Lovidicus learned about it, she threatened the lives of both Agronak and his mother. They were forced to flee, leaving behind Agronak's claim to nobility. The "Gray Prince" title allows Agronak to achieve some recognition for the privilege he was denied.

However, the Grand Champion goes on to tell you that his mother recently died and that she gave him a key that would "unlock the truth" about Agronak's heritage. The half Orc was born at Crowhaven, a now ruined fort far to the west of Imperial City. Due to his training regiment, gro-Malog asks that you pay the fort a visit and search for any proof of his birthright. In exchange, he offers to teach you some of his finest combat techniques.

Take Agronak's Mysterious Key and fast-travel to Anvil. From there, take the road north and then head toward the northwest just before it curves to reach Crowhaven. Kill the two skeletons patrolling just outside, then proceed into the fort through the front door.

A journal entry alerts you that "the presence of evil is unmistakable", and that's not to be taken lightly. While this entry level is only patrolled by wolves, you'll notice that several coffins line the floor's cavernous rooms. If you proceed into the Crowhaven Burial Halls, you'll face off against a couple of vampires and other potent undead, so be careful not to contract Porphyric Hemophilia. If you receive a journal entry that you've contracted it, you'll eventually succumb into vampirism yourself and will need to reference our Vampire Cure quest to rejoin the living. You don't actually have to go into the Burial Halls, however. With Agronak's Mysterious Key, you can unlock the small wooden door not far from the entrance into the Burial Halls. This will lead you to Lord Lovidicus' chambers.

When you reach the upper platform, you'll see Lord Lovidicus pacing about. When you speak to him, he rants about "sweet release" and then screams "I must feed" as he launches an attack on you. Put the vampire out of his misery, then search the area until you find the Journal of Lord Lovidicus. The journal backs up Agronak's story about Lord Lovidicus being his father, but it also proves that the Orc is the spawn of a vampire. Agronak obviously won't be happy to hear this, but passing the news on will eventually help your cause in achieving the rank of Grand Champion.

Return to Agronak and show him the journal. Before he reads it, he makes good on his promise to show you some of his best combat maneuvers. The "Gray Prince's Training" that you receive grants a +3 bonus to your Blade, Block, and Athletics skills. When he's finished teaching you, he opens the journal and realizes the awful truth. This sends him into a depression and he won't speak with you again until you achieve the rank of Champion in the Arena. When you do, he asks that you challenge him so that you can put him out of his misery. If you accept the challenge, Agronak won't attack or defend himself during the match, making it extremely easy for you to achieve the title of Grand Champion.