Nothing You Can Possess
Quest Information
Starting Location: Umbalacano Manor
Starting NPC: Umbalacano
Possible Reward(s): 2500 Gold

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After bringing three Ayleid statues to Umbalacano in his house in Talos Plaza, Imperial City (as a consequence of completing the quest "The Collector"), he will offer you a new task. This involves retrieving a carved panel from an Ayleid site known as "The High Fane". He will give you sketch of the location, a drawing of the panel he wants you to get for him, and a carved stone key, which will allow you to enter the central chamber of the High Fane.

When you leave Umbacano Manor you are accosted by a man called Claud Maric, who invites you to a drink at the Tiber Septim Hotel, just across the street. He claims he has also been hired by Umbacano to retrieve the panel. The High Fane is no longer known by its old name, he tells you, but is now called Malada, and is an extremely dangerous place.

Malada is located in the Valus Mountains, due north of the "k" of Lake Cunulus on the game's main map. It is indeed a tricky place, full of traps and ghosts and other monsters. It also has a lot of Welkynd Stones (used for restoring magicka) and a couple of valuable Varla Stones (for reviving enchanted weapons), which you should collect as you go through its maze of passages and halls. When you eventually find the central chamber, the panel is not difficult to locate. Take it, but beware! As soon as you exit the chamber you are ambushed by Maric. You have no choice but to kill him.

When you get back to Umbucano he will pay you your 2500 gold, and then offer you another quest "The Secrets of the Ayleids".