Quest Information
Starting Location: Nocturnal's Shrine
Starting NPC: Mor gra-Gamorn
Possible Reward(s): Skeleton Key

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This particular Daedric quest requires you to be at least level 10 to begin it. Once you meet that requirement, pay a visit to Nocturnal's Shrine located just off the road to the northeast of Leyawiin. The follower you want to speak with this time is a female Orc named Mor gra-Gamorn. She'll give you some background information about the Daedric god, and then tell you to approach the shrine. Apparently Nocturnal will speak to a would-be follower without any sort of offering. Not that I'm complaining.

Nocturnal tells you that two Argonians stole a jewel from her shrine called the Eye of Nocturnal. She wants you to find these thieves in "the city that spans the waters" and learn where they hide the jewel. Once you've retrieved it, you're to bring it back to the shrine in order to earn Nocturnal's blessing.

When you arrive in Leyawiin, you'll find that asking about "Eye of Nocturnal" doesn't get you very far. Instead, just ask about Leyawiin itself and you'll learn that Weebam-Na and Bejeen were recently heard talking about a valuable jewel they've found, and how it would make them very wealthy. Pay a visit to Weebam-Na's home just across the road from Leyawiin's only house for sale. When asked about the jewel, neither he or Bejeen will claim that they know anything about it. Of course they don't.

Your journal will suggest that you eavesdrop on their coversation, so exit the home and come back in sneaking. Stay in the hallway near the door and you'll hear that Bejeen is worried that trolls might eat the jewel. Weebam-Na doesn't think that trolls like water, so feels that the Eye will be perfectly safe at Tidewater Cave.

With this valuable piece of information, exit Leyawiin to the east and follow the coastline to the south until you reach Tidewater Cave. There are a handful of creatures inhabiting the cave, but it shouldn't prove to be much of a problem for you. Navigate the tunnels (take every left) until you reach an underwater passage that immediately leads to a deadend. Here you'll find a chest for looting, as well as the Eye of Nocturnal simply floating in the water. Grab it, then return to the surface and fast-travel to Nocturnal's Shrine.

As a reward for finding the jewel, Nocturnal gives you the Skeleton Key so that you may "open the secrets of dark places." As long as you possess the key in your inventory, your Security skill is increased by 40 points. Wow!