Quest Information
Starting Location: Namira's Shrine
Starting NPC: Hjolfrodi the Harrier
Possible Reward(s): Namira's Shroud Spell, Ring of Namira

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This particular Daedric quest requires you to be at least level 5 to begin it. Once you meet that requirement, pay a visit to Namira's Shrine located on the western side of County Bruma. However, when you speak to Hjolfrodi the Harrier, you'll most likely find that you're also "too pretty" to summon the Daedric god. In order to worship in your own "wretchedness", you must become more loathesome and less attractive to the people around Cyrodiil. In essence, you're going to need a Personality attribute of 20 or less in order to participate in the quest.

Lowering your Personality by a considerable amount is not an easy thing to do. The best way to get there is to round up all the Cheap Wine you can and bring it to Namira's Shrine. Each bottle you drink will temporarily reduce your Personality by 10 points, so pound a few bottles until you reach a score of 20 or less. When you approach Hjolfrodi again, she says that you repulse her - which is a good thing. Now that you're "foul and digusting", Namira just might speak with you when you approach the shrine.

Sure enough, as long as your Personality remains at 20 or less, Namira will speak with you. She asks that you prove to her that you deserve her favor by lending aid to the Forgotten, a group of fanatical worshippers that live within the depths of the Ayleid ruin Anga. Apparently some priests of Arkay are planning to save The Forgotten and bring them to "the light", but Namira does not want this to happen. She teaches you the Namira's Shroud spell so that you can use it on the Arkay priests. This will cast a darkness on the priests of light and allow the Forgotten Ones to finish them off.

The Ayleid ruin of Anga is almost directly south of Namira's Shrine. Move through the stone door entrance and into the dark halls below. There are three Priests of Arkay wandering the halls of Anga, each of which carries a torch. When you cast Namira's Shroud on them, their torch is extinguished and Forgotten Ones emerge from the shadows to clobber them to death. Once all three priests have been killed in this manner, you can return to the surface and fast-travel back to Namira's Shrine.

For "cleansing her followers' darkness", Namira rewards you with the Ring of Namira. You're to use the ring to bring pain to others, which shouldn't be too difficult to do considering its reflective properties.