Mazoga the Orc
Quest Information
Starting Location: Leyawiin Castle County Hall
Starting NPCs: Count Leyawiin, Marius Caro
Possible Reward(s): 100 gold for each Black Bow

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This is one of the quests needed to raise your disposition high enough to buy a house in Leyawiin. You should visit Marius Caro, the Count of Leyawiin, during his daylight opening hours at Leyawiin Castle. He will tell you about a strange Orc called Mazoga, who claims she is a knight. He asks you talk to her, and find out who she really is. You'll find her in the main hall. She'll ask you to go and find a friend, called Weebam-Na, and bring her to the castle.

Just follow your compass to locate Weebam-Na, and she will agree to go to the castle. Follow her and listen to their conversation. You won't learn much from this, but afterwards Mazoga will ask you to take her to Fisherman's Rock, which is north of Leyawiin on the eastern side of Niben. She wants to talk to somebody called Mogens Wind-Shifter, but asks you not to interfere in their conversation. So again, just watch her.

During her conversation she starts fighting with Mogens, and simultaneously four bandits appear and attack her. She plainly needs some help, so wade in and bash the bandits, taking care not to kill Mazoga in the process. When the scuffle is over, Mazoga tells you that she was avenging the murder of a friend named Ra'vindra, and says you can take anything you want from the bodies. Among the loot you pick up are a number of Black Bows.

When you get back to Marius Caro, he will appoint you both as Knights-Errant of the White Stallion, much to Mazoga's delight. Marius Caro offers to buy the black bows, and says he will buy any more you can find. This leads to the quest "Knights of the White Stallion".