Mages Guild Suspension
Quest Information
Starting Location: Any Mages Guild
Starting NPC: Raminus Polus
Possible Reward(s): Reinstatement to the Guild

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You join the Mages by asking at any Guild who is the nearest Mage with the authority to make you a member, and then following your compass to them. Thereafter you must be extremely careful not to steal any item accidentally, or kill or wound another Mage. If you do so you will be expelled and have your universal key - which gives you access to all the Guilds and all except the main lobby of the Arcane University - confiscated from you. You may also be arrested by the city guards (see: "expelled from the Fighters Guild")

The simplest solution is to return to your last save and start over from that point. Otherwise you have to go to see Raminus Polus in the main lobby of the Arcane University in the Imperial City. On your first offence you have to find him 20 Dragon's Tongue flowers, 20 Redwort, 20 Mandrake Roots and 20 Nightshade plants. This can take quite some time, so use your search to locate ruins, forts, etc. for later investigation.

For your second offence you have to fetch Polus Daedra Hearts and Vampire Dust. There no difficulty obtaining the hearts if you have started closing the Rings of Oblivion. But be very careful to save often when entering vampire-occupied caves, unless you want to go through the long and difficult process of curing Porphyric Hemophilia, commonly known as vampirism.

For a third offence you will be permanently excluded. Incidentally, once you become Arch-Mage, you can no longer be expelled from the Guild.