Lifting the Vale
Quest Information
Starting Location: Bruma (Castle)
Starting NPC: Tolgan/Countess of Bruma
Possible Reward(s): Ring of the Vipereye

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At some time when you are in Bruma, Tolgan who is herald to Countess Narina Carvain of Bruma, will approach you and ask you to go and see her. When you do so, she will tell you she's keen to get her hands on an Akaviri relic known as the Draconian Madstone. She says it is located in a long-lost Akaviri fort at Pale Pass, and you gives you a key, a map, and some pages from an old diary. She also marks on your map Dragonclaw Rock, which is mentioned in the diary as a starting point to find Pale Pass. Take a good supply of health potions with you.

Once you have got to Dragonclaw Rock the diary leads you west to a large statue, called the Sentinel. Following its pointed finger you find yourself at a cave, which you must now get through. It is inhabited by ogres. On the way you will find the body of the messenger who wrote the diary. He has a slate in his hand which you should take and scrutinize. Emerging from the cave (it is snowing heavily outside) you now need to locate the ruins of Pale Pass Fort. These are to the west and a little north of the cave exit. The frozen landscape is very rocky and it is all too easy to get completely trapped in crevices between the stones.

You will face a few more ogres getting there; and once inside you will be attacked by hordes of Akaviri Undead in skeletal form. Fight your way through them until you find and kill their commander. The Draconian Madstone is just behind him in his cavern, and there are also some chests in his cave containing quite valuable items. You now need to take the Madstone back to the Countess, who will reward you with a Ring of the Vipereye, and the offer to buy a house in Bruma. However, while you are in Pale Pass you might as well take on the quest "The Forgotten Chests of Pale Pass", before returning to Bruma.