Liberation or Apprehension?
Quest Information
Starting Location: Imperial City Arcane University
Starting NPC: Raminus Polus
Possible Reward(s): None

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Once you've completed the Necromancer's Moon quest, Raminus Polus will tell you that Arch-Mage Traven has personally requested your assistance. Hannibal Traven can typically be found in his personal quarters accessed via the teleportation pads in the Arch-Mage's Lobby. Speak with him to learn that the Council of Mages has an informant that has infiltrated the Necromancer ranks. The informant is named Mucianus Allias, and he has provided useful information to the council up until recently. The council has not heard from him for some time and Traven fears for his safety. They've dispatched a group of Battlemages to his last known location, but Traven wants you to get there first. If the Battlemages are unsuccessful in extracting him, Mucianus' life will be forfeit. You're to locate Mucianus before the Battlemages do and ensure his safe return to the Arcane University.

Arch-Mage Traven tells you that Mucianus' last known location was at an Ayleid ruin called Nenyond Twyll to the southwest of Imperial City. You'll find that the ruin's exact location is just to the right of the space between "White Rose" on the map. Fast-travel to the nearest known location on your map and make the trek from there. When you arrive, descend into the ruin's depths to begin your investigation.

Just inside, you'll be approached by a Battlemage named Fithragaer. He'll tell you that the Necromancers were waiting for the Battlemages when they arrived and everyone was wiped out. Fithragaer is the lone survivor, and asks that you follow him into the ruin to take out the retreating Necromancers. Before you can react, he runs into the first chamber, only to trigger a trip and be smashed into a ceiling full of spikes. It looks like you'll be finishing this one alone, just the way you like it. Run over the trap that ended Fithragaer's life, kill the monster impeding your progress on the other side, then continue down the stairs. You'll have to take out a few Necromancers before you reach the second level of the ruin, called Nenyond Twyll Riellesel.

When you reach the second level, you'll enter battle with a Necromancer named Mariette Rielle who quickly confirms the council's fears - Mucianus Allias is no longer among the realm of the living but is instead a Worm Thrall. Send her to the void, then continue on through the next few Necromancers until you reach a large chamber with water on both sides. Along the northwest wall, you'll find a block that, when activated, opens a hidden door right next to it. It's here that Mucianus' fate becomes clear. Mariette was right, he's been transformed into some kind of walking dead. Now that you've confirmed what happened to him, you can exit through the door in the western corner, which will take you out of the ruin via a secret tunnel that leads into the trapped entrance chamber.

Hannibal has a tough time hearing about Allias' fate, but thanks you for trying to save him. Before he'll give you another task, he asks that you report to Polus for your usual guild advancement. When you do, Raminus promotes you to the rank of Warlock, which grants you access to the Council Chamber. Now that you've received your new title, return to Arch-Mage Traven once more to receive the Information at a Price quest.