Knights of the White Stallion
Quest Information
Starting Location: Leyawiin Castle
Starting NPC: Count Marius Caro
Possible Reward(s): Appointment as Knight of the White Stallion

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After you have completed "Mazoga the Orc", Count Marius will ask you to locate and kill an Orc called Black Brugo, who is chieftain of the Black Bow Bandits. He suggests Mazoga may know something about him. She is still loitering in the main entrance hall of the castle, eager to be recognized as a knight. And indeed she does know all about Black Brugo, and suggests a plan to ambush him between midnight and 6 am, when he visits an Ayleid Ruin called Telepe, just west of Leyawiin to collect his share of whatever loot his minions have robbed that day. She marks Telepe on your map.

Ask her to follow you and proceed to the ruin. It is not quite as simple as she suggests, because you have to kill all the black bow bandits in the ruins, before locating Black Brugo. Once he has been dispatched (and again you have to be careful not to kill Mazoga by mistake - stay in front of her when you can, although she has a lusty sword arm and will do her fair share of the work), she generously lets you pick up all the loot.

When you get back to Marius Caro, he makes you both Knights-Errant of the Order of the White Stallion, much to Mazoga's delight. She's a real knight at last. He also buys the Black Bows from you, and offers 100 gold for any more you can obtain. This leads you to the quest "Black Bow Bandits", which is one of those that do not appear in your journal. He also gives you a key to the White Stallion Lodge, which is up the road north of Leyawiin, where you can rest any time you need.