Go Fish
Quest Information
Starting Location: Weye Settlement
Starting NPC: Aelwin Merowald
Possible Reward(s): Magic Ring

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The Weye Settlement is located just to the west of the main bridge into the Imperial City, close to the Wawnet Inn. Aelwin Merowald is generally wandering about near the inn. If you talk to him, he will tell you that he needs 12 Rumare Slaughterfish Scales for a customer. He explains that he is too old to do the job himself, and asks you to take it on.

The slaughterfish live in the Rumare lake, generally quite close to the shore, directly north of Weye and the bridge to the Imperial City. There is no great urgency over this task, so you can take it on by degrees, whenever you have a few hours to spare (e.g. returning from another quest before the shops open). You can leave your horse safely at the Wawnet Inn, and plunge into the water just north of it. You need a water-breathing ring, amulet or spell (unless you are an Argon) to operate with maximum efficiency.

The fish are quite elusive, but if you use your close-up map, the nearest one will appear as a green arrow. Any blade is sufficient to kill them, as they are fairly weak and cannot harm you much. When you have 12 fish scales, take them back to Aelwin (again, your compass will guide you) and he will reward you with a magic ring, (probably) for sea-walking.