Goblin Trouble
Quest Information
Starting Location: Crestbridge Camp
Starting NPC: Barthel Gernand
Possible Reward(s): Free bed at Cropsford

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Barthel Gernand and his family are to be found at Crestbridge Camp, which is to the right of the Yellow Road, southeast of the Imperial City, just before it crosses the first river in the Nibenay Basin. You will probably meet him on the road, and he will escort you to the camp. He will explain that his family are trying to establish a settlement at Cropsford (due northwest) but are being prevented by warring goblins. He advises you to talk to Mirisa, a member of the Fighter's Guild in Leyawiin. She is quite elusive, so use your compass. She is actually quite often to be found back in Crestbridge camp.

Mirisa will tell you that the problem is between two goblin tribes who are fighting across the Cropsford area. They are located at Timberscar Cave and Cracked Wood Cave, either side of Cropsford. The simplest way to end the problem is to go and attack the Cracked Wood Cave, which is back up the road (north) on the right. You need to kill the goblin Shaman to complete the task.

It may well be that you have already done this, if you have been wandering around the area - in which case you simply have to let Barthel Gernand know. If not, just go and do it. When you tell Barthel you have succeeded, he will thank you profusely, and offer you a hero's welcome if you ever come to Cropsford. It is actually quite fun to go there from time to time (especially if you need sleep), because they gradually develop quite a substantial village.