Ghosts of Vitharn
Quest Information
Starting Location: The fortress of Vitharn
Starting NPC: The ghost of Count Cirion
Possible Reward(s): None

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I decided to start the Shivering Isles add-on by walking right around the island clockwise (you are not allowed to bring your horse in) to locate as many places as possible. Almost at the end of the circular walk, in the far southeast, I came across the fortress of Vitharn. It is entered under water, although it is a short enough journey not to require a water-breathing spell. Inside you will meet the ghost of Count Cirion. He'll tell you that there are four ghosts in the fortress who have to relive over and over again their failure to defend the bailey from "Fanatic" invaders. He asks for your help in laying the ghosts to rest.

Gradually you will find the four ghosts. The priest, Hloval Dreth, had insufficient magicka when the invaders came. You need to find some for him. Desideratus, who believed he was betrothed, was (rather sinisterly) actually in a love with a child's doll. Soon afterwards you should come across Desideratus's beloved dolly. Place it on the corpse of one of the invaders, and go back and tell him. This will make him fight.

Before locating Desideratus's doll you will come across some arrows which you discover you cannot use with your bow. So the next person you need to locate is Althel the archer, who is high up on the parapet of the fortress, but has no arrows. Give her the arrows you found.

You will then meet the first of the Fanatics (there are only three that you have to deal with yourself). Kill him. Another one follows, and you should kill him too. In Hloval Dreth's room you will find a Dagger of Depletion. As this will restore his magicka, take it back to him and he will also start to fight. Then return to Count Cirion and borrow his helm, which enables you to take his place in the battle.

Hunt around a bit more and you will soon find the last of the enemies, the "Devoted Fanatic". Once you have killed him the curse of Vitharn is lifted, and the ghosts are laid to rest.