Ghosts of the Hill of Suicides
Quest Information
Starting Location: The Hill of Suicides
Starting NPC: None
Possible Reward(s): A spell

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This is a long and complex quest, not helped by the fact that it does not appear in your Journal until after you have completed it. As this adventure has no bearing on the main quest, there is no logical reason for attempting it unless you have become as much of a nutcase as the rest of the inhabitants of Shivering Isles. The only possible reason for doing it (early) is that it will lead you to a lot of sites that may be useful later. On the other hand you may prefer just to do it as you go along, as and when you find the designated sites.

You start by finding the Hill of Suicides, which is directly west of New Sheoth. Here you will find five ghosts, none of whom will talk to you. Your task is to recover their skulls, and return them to their owners in order to free their souls. How you can guess what you must do without assistance is beyond me. Even asking Haskill is of no use.

Anyway, here is a list of the ghosts and where their skulls are:

a) M'desi. In Rotten Den, due East of Xedilian and south of Fellmoor off Pinnacle Road (in a chest). b) Limark. In Milchar, north of Overlook Road and northwest of Fetid Grove (turn left before the fires and go right down some stairs). c) Salonia Vira. In Fort Cann, north of Outlook Road. By the creek due north of Dunroot Burrow (in a small room at the end of the amphitheatre). d) Gadener Rakvel. In a cave called Kneepoint Hollow northwest of New Sheoth, equidistant southwest from Fetid Grove, (you must find a concealed switch on the north east end of one of the pillars at the far end of the cave to release the wall that conceals the skull). e) Lorenzo Bog-Trotter. In the Lost Crypt area of Knotty Bramble Cave (find the statue that is looking downwards, and move the body on the bier in front of it; press the switch thus revealed, and go back to locate the skull in the middle chamber).

When you have returned all five skulls to their original owners, you will be rewarded with an unusually powerful spell and this will then finally be recorded in your journal.