Following a Lead
Quest Information
Starting Location: Bravil
Starting NPC: Lucien Lachance
Possible Reward(s): Black Hand Robe, Black Hand Hood

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You've been betrayed and have instead been systematically killing off members of the Black Hand. As Lucien stated at the end of the A Kiss Before Dying quest, you are to lie in wait at your dead drop in Anvil and reveal the traitor that has been supplying false contracts.

After arriving at Anvil's main gate, make your way down to the large mermaid statue and search the barrel behind it. There isn't anything in it yet, but a Wood Elf named Enilroth will show up within a minute or two to place your eighth set of dead drop orders. Confront him about it and he will tell you that a man called to him as he walked past the lighthouse and asked him to deliver the orders to this barrel. After some further questioning, you'll learn that the man lives in the cellar of the lighthouse and that a terrible smell is coming from beneath the cellar door. Enilroth recommends talking to the lighthouse owner, Ulfgar Fog-Eye, to get a key to the cellar.

Travel to the Anvil Lighthouse and speak with Ulfgar about the matter. Ask him for the cellar key, and then threaten to slice his throat to convince him to hand it over. The cellar entrance is at the back of the lighthouse, so go back outside and unlock the door with your newly obtained key.

It's pretty obvious why there was a smell originating from the cellar, as you'll find the dead bodies of both a wolf and a human woman lying near the stairs. The whole area is filled with gore, in fact, and flies buzz around your head as you make your way through. Pick the next door, then kill the crazed dog on the other side of it. This second room is where you'll find the clue you're looking for - the traitor's diary.

The diary is a mix of psychotic writing with some focused thoughts penned within. From what you can gather, the traitor is actually a member of the Black Hand out for revenge against Lucien Lachance and the Night Mother herself for killing his mother. Grab the disturbing looking "Mother's Head" from the makeshift altar, then head to the Applewatch farm to present the evidence to Lachance.

When you arrive at the farm, you'll be too late. Four members of the Black Hand have already arrived and mistakingly killed Lucien Lachance for being the traitor (and by "killed", I mean strung up and severely mutilated). The one named Arquen will tell you that the Black Hand is in a state of disarray because of this betrayal and that you have been appointed to Lucien's position as Speaker. She requests that you talk to her between midnight and 3:00am and you will both travel to the Night Mother to invoke an ancient ritual and ask for the mother's guidance during this dark time. Before ending the conversation, she hands you a Black Hand Robe and Black Hand Hood so that you can wear the proper uniform for a Speaker of the Black Hand.

You can actually figure out which one of the four is the traitor by tossing the Mother's Head you picked up back at the lighthouse cellar onto the floor. After doing so, talk with Mathieu Bellamont to hear him stutter and become distracted from the head. There's no way to call him out at this point, though, so wait until midnight and talk with Arquen again to begin the ritual of awakening the Night Mother. When you do so, you'll be taken to and a new quest, Honor Thy Mother, will begin.