Expelled from the Fighters Guild
Quest Information
Starting Location: Any Fighters Guild
Starting NPC: Vilena Donton
Possible Reward(s): Reinstatement to the Guild

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It is quite easy to steal something accidentally in the Fighters Guild or even kill another member if you accidentally discharge a weapon at them (It is advisable always to put away your weapons when entering the Guild). The simplest solution is just to go back to your last save and start that part of the game again.

Even if you get out of the building, you will still be expelled, and also be arrested by the city guard. They will give you the option of going to prison, paying a fine or fighting them. The latter is impossible. Escaping from prison is very difficult unless you are a highly-skilled lock picker, as you can conceal only one pick about your person. (Later in the game, when you have achieved sufficient seniority, the officer of the guard may overlook minor misdemeanors, telling you that, as he is your friend, he will look after your fine for you).

To rejoin the Fighters Guild you will have to see Vilena Donton in the Chorrol Guild. He will demand that you bring him 20 Bear Pelts and 20 Minotaur Horns. If you are already Arch-Mage it may be possible to spawn these in the enchanted chest in your Arcane University quarters. A good source of Minotaur Horns is your weekly fight in the Arena, provided you are already Champion of Cyrodiil. Otherwise you will just have to go out and hunt for them. Use this journey profitably, carefully noting the location of fort and ruins etc for future exploration.