Everything In Its Place
Quest Information
Starting Location: Fellmoor
Starting NPC: Ranarr-Jo
Possible Reward(s): Gold

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Fellmoor is a small settlement on the coast west of Pinnacle Road (about halfway down), off the Low Road in the Shivering Isles. Here you will find Ranarr-Jo, a Khajiit who makes his living by harvesting Pod Pits - a sort of sea-growing mushroom - off the coastline.

Ranarr-Jo will ask you to get the trust of Kishashi, who also lives in the settlement. Go to her house and she will ask you for five Water Root Pod Pits. You can get these by yourself and when you give them to her, she will reward you with a">Silver Spoon.

Take this to Ranarr-Jo, and - trust established - he will ask you to go to Cindanwe's house (she is a pain in the ass to everyone in the community), wreck her house, and steal her notebook. Do as asked - find her notebook and kick her furniture around a bit. Take the notebook back to Ranarr-Jo and he will thank you effusively, and give you some gold.