Enchanting Weapons
Quest Information
Starting Location: N/A
Starting NPC: N/A
Possible Reward(s): N/A

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There are numerous enchanted weapons to be found in the caves, forts and ruins of Cyrodiil. You cannot enchant weapons yourself until you have completed all the Mages Guild Recommendation Quests, and gained access to the Arcane University in the Imperial City. Once there you can visit the Chinosarium (through the right-hand gate and down the first set of steps) and use charged Soul Stones at the Altars of Enchantment to apply magic spells to any weapons or armor that are not already enchanted. When you eventually become Arch-Mage, you will have your own personal Altar of Enchantment in your bedroom, which you can use 24 hours day.

The other way to enchant weapons is to use Sigil Stones which you will garner every time you close a Ring of Oblivion. These appear randomly, so save just before taking one, and keep re-saving until you get the one you want. They are much more powerful than Soul Stones.

The priority should be firstly to equip one or two lightweight weapons (Elven shortswords are probably the best) that drain your opponent's health and transfer it to you. After that, and assuming you have some good, powerful weapons, you should create a complete set of "feathered" armor, rings and amulets, which will enable you to carry an enormous quantity of loot (up to 1,500 kilos, compared with the 170 or so that you can carry at the game's beginning.

Incidentally, once you have completed "The Siege of Kvatch" quest, and delivered Martin safely to Cloud Top, you should seek out and destroy as many Rings of Oblivion as you can find, before proceeding to the final stages of the main task. There are 50 altogether, but they appear in different positions at random in every game.

On the Shivering Isles there is a completely different system for enchanting weapons. You have to find a Matrix and a supply of Madness Ore. Its source is generally marked by a sort of sparkly mist.

Take these to Cutter's Weapons in Crucible and the rather sinister Cutter will forge the weapon for you. This process appears in your journal as the quest "The Antipodean Hammer". The armorer in Bliss, an Orc with the charming name of Dumay gro-Bonk, also does the same sort of thing, except that he uses Amber instead of Madness Ore. But once you have used one of them, the other will refuse to work for you.

In any case by now you should have a large enough supply of enchanted weapons stored in Cyrodiil not to have to bother with all this nonsense.