Deepscorn Hollow
Quest Information
Starting Location: Any Zone
Starting NPC: None
Possible Reward(s): Your own personal stronghold!

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After installing Bethesda Softworks' official Vile Lair plug-in, you'll receive a Deepscorn Hollow Key and Bloodstained Note along with a journal entry explaining that you've inherited an underground lair called Deepscorn Hollow from a long-lost relative (this entry pops up immediately if you've loaded a game in progress or just after entering the Imperial City sewers if you've started a new game). Your new acquisition is located at the southernmost point of Cyrodiil along the banks of Topal Bay south of Leyawiin. You don't even have to hoof it there - you can use your handy map to fast-travel directly to Deepscorn Hollow. You'll find yourself along the shore of Topal Bay, though the entrance to the underground lair isn't readily apparent. If you swim just below the water's surface, you'll discover a hollowed-out tree stump with a wooden door set inside of it. The key you received earlier will get you past the locked door, so head inside before you run out of air.

A journal entry will tell you to read the nearby journal when you arrive, so that should be your first priority. Greywyn's Journal reveals that a man named Rowley Eardwulf at the Wawnet Inn outside of the Imperial City can help you restore the lair to its original state. I'd recommend familiarizing yourself with the new pad before you rush off and start purchasing upgrades, though. The main floor doesn't feature anything of note (aside from a "Victim's Loot Chest" in the northeast room - more on that later), so you'll want to use the door in the northwest hallway to enter the Deepscorn Cloister.

The most notable feature in the Cloister level is probably the Font of Renewal in the south room. If you've been stricken (or blessed, as some might see it) with vampirism, you can use the shrine to immediately return to the land of the living. Using the shrine requires the use of Purgeblood Salts, but luckily you can mine some from the Purgeblood Crystal Formation in the northeast corner of this room. On the north side of this level, you'll find two doors - one which leads to the Deepscorn Bastion and another that turns out to be an alternate exit bringing you to a different location on Topal Bay (a little ways up the coastline to the northwest).

Deepscorn Bastion is almost completely empty at the moment (save for a bed), though you will find another door leading to the lair's final section, Deepscorn Shrine, along its northern wall. Here you'll discover a sweet-looking shrine dedicated to Sithis with an Ichor Basin and an Unusual Box sitting in front of it. The Ichor Basin can't be used just yet, but you'll find a Crimson Eviscerator blade within the box. It's a pretty nice bonus considering that you inherited the entire lair for free.

Anyway, it's time to make this place into the dark home it was meant to be. Head through either of the lair's exits and fast-travel to Wawnet Inn to the west of the Imperial City. Rowley can be found perched on the stairway just to the left when you enter the inn. In addition to training your Sneak skill, Rowley sells a collection of never-before-seen equipment. To outfit your new lair, you'll want to purchase the Deepscorn Bedroom Area, Deepscorn Cattle Cell, Deepscorn Dark Minion, Deepscorn Dining Area, Deepscorn Garden Receipt, Deepscorn Storage Area, and Deepscorn Study Area books from him. They're just shy of 3000 Gold each, so you may not be able to afford them all right away. He also sells Ichor of Sithis, which you'll need if you want to use the Ichor Basin and invoke the power of the shrine of Sithis.

Assuming you were able to afford all his goods, let's take a look at how the lair has been upgraded. The main entrance area now contains a garden filled with the game's more insidious plants, including a new one called a Chokeberry Vine. You can harvest this plant for Chokeberries, which are useful when you want to take someone's life in a stealthy manner (much like the Poisoned Apples you can obtain from Lucien Lachance during the Dark Brotherhood quest line). You may also encounter your new Dark Minion, depending on the time of day that you arrived. When you speak with him, you're given the option of telling him to "Murder in the name of Sithis." Issuing this order will send the Dark Minion out to extinguish someone's life, after which he'll return with various loot he acquired along the way and deposit it in the Victim's Loot Chest found within his bedroom to the east. Each murder you order will also earn you a point of Infamy too, so keep that in mind.

Loot your Dark Minion's bedroom of what little loot is already there, then head into the Cloister area. The only thing that will change in this section is the addition of a Deepscorn Prisoner in the western cavern (per the Deepscorn Cattle Cell upgrade). This unfortunate soul is locked behind a rusty gate and has been induced to sleep 24 hours a day, making him perfect for any blood cravings you might have as a vampire. Moving on to the Bastion, you'll find that you now own some furniture and various decorative objects that make the lair feel more like home. There is some loot to be gained here if you wish (including some nice rings in the Jewelry Box), but you'll probably be most impressed by your new Sleeping Coffin. Who needs a bed anyway?

If you picked up the Ichor of Sithis from Rowley, pay another visit to the Deepscorn Shrine and use it to fill the Ichor Basin with a blood-red liquid. You can now pray to the shrine of Sithis, though the end result depends on your overall infamy. If you have played a good character up to this point, you'll most likely receive the message "Recant your honorable nature and you shall be rewarded!" If you've instead pursued a less honorable route, then Sithis will grant you a boon based on your current Infamy. An Infamy of 20-50 gets you a Scream of Sithis blessing, 50-90 gets you a Lament of Sithis blessing, and anything over 90 grants you the Death Knell of Sithis blessing. Each of these boosts your Health, Agility, and Sneak by an increasing margin, with the Death Knell of Sithis offering a Chameleon boon as well.

Since you've spent a great deal of money fixing up Deepscorn Hollow (or are in need of more money to purchase the upgrades), you'll be happy to learn that there are four caches of jewelry, gems, and gold hidden around the lair by former owner Greywyn. "Greywyn's First Cache" is just to the northwest of the garden, "Greywyn's Second Cache" is under the water just behind the Font of Renewal, "Greywyn's Third Cache" is inside the cattle cell next to the basket of food, and "Greywyn's Final Cache" is at the base of the waterfall inside Deepscorn Shrine. Too bad Greywyn isn't still around as he'd probably have some great stories of murder to share while the two of you huddle around the shrine to Sithis. Oh well.