Conjuration Training
Quest Information
Starting Location: Bruma Chapel or Chorrol Mages Guild
Starting NPC: Arentus Falvius or Alberic Litte
Possible Reward(s): Conjuration Master Training

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When your Conjuration skill is less than 40, you can receive training from the following NPCs:
  • Fathis Aren (Castle Bravil)
  • Sulinus Vassinus (Skingrad Mages Guild)
When your Conjuration skill is between 40 and 70, you must seek further training from the following NPCs:
  • Arentus Falvius (Bruma Chapel)
  • Alberic Litte (Chorrol Mages Guild)
Once you've learned everything you can from the second tier trainers, speak with either of them about "Training" to learn that a master trainer exists that can teach you the most advanced techniques the skill has to offer. His name is Olyn Seran and you're told that he resides somewhere in the Great Forest. However, the second tier trainer also mentions that he worships Molag Bal, so the most logical location to look would be Molag Bal's Shrine.

Sure enough, Olyn can be found worshipping the Daedric god. When you inquire about training, he asks for you to prove yourself by summoning a Faded Wraith in the presence of Molag Bal. If you're capable of summoning such a creature, Olyn will consider you worthy of his teachings. You'll need the Summon Faded Wraith spell to accomplish this, which can be purchased from at least two locations in Cyrodiil. Keep in mind, though, that you must be an Expert at Conjuration to even use the spell, which means you have a lot of casting ahead of you to get to that point or you need to find the spell on a scroll.

Once you're finally able to conjure the undead creature in front of Olyn, he tells you that you've earned his respect and will teach you what he knows... for a fee, of course.