Cheydinhal Recommendation
Quest Information
Starting Location: Cheydinhal Mages Guild
Starting NPC: Falcar
Possible Reward(s): Recommendation to Raminus Polus

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As long as you're not a wanted criminal, the Mages Guild will accept you into their ranks. However, in order to gain access to the Arcane University in Imperial City, you must visit each of the seven extended cities and receive a recommendation from the local Mages Guild representative.

In the case of Cheydinhal, that representative is Falcar. He's a very unpleasant man and will scathingly respond with a "Don't tell me you're here for a recommendation!" remark when you first approach him. Break the news that you are, indeed, looking for one and he will ask you to retrieve his Ring of Burden from the well behind the guild hall. It seems that another "stupid associate" threw the ring down the well, and Falcar doesn't know why. The well is locked, though, so you'll need to obtain a copy of the key from the guildmember named Deetsan.

If you've looked at the item's stats in our database, you'll know why Falcar mentions that it's "difficult to carry." Deetsan even thinks that Falcar might be trying to get you killed, as he sent another associate by the name of Vidkun down into the well and he never returned. In addition to the key you need for the well, Deetsan also teaches you the Buoyancy Spell, which will allow you more time in the well and make the ring a little easier to carry.

Hop the fence around back and enter the Mages Guild Well using the key Deetsan gave you. You'll immediately be submerged in water after entering, so either cast the Bouyancy spell before you enter or have it at the ready in case you need to cast it within. The well isn't very big, and you'll immediately see Vidkun's floating corpse off to your right. Loot the body for the Ring of Burden (and some gold), then move to the other side of the chamber to grab a hard-to-find Nirnroot Plant.

When you return to the guild, Falcar is nowhere to be found. Speak with Deetsan to learn that she confronted him directly after you entered the well and that he flew into a rage because she helped you. He apparently threatened that the guild's days are numbered and then stormed out. Deetsan doesn't know if he wrote a recommendation for you, so she asks you to search his room in the basement for any trace of such a note.

Unfortunately, you won't find any such recommendation in Falcar's room, but you will find two Black Soul Gems in his locked chest of drawers. Bring these to Deetsan and she'll tell you that things are worse than she expected. She's going to report the gems to the Council of Mages and will include her own recommendation for you in the report. Under the circumstances, she feels that such a recommendation will be more than adequate. And, luckily, it is.