Canvas the Castle
Quest Information
Starting Location: Chorrol Castle
Starting NPC: Countess Valga
Possible Reward(s): Gold and Gems

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As well as the bounty, this quest gives you the opportunity to buy a very pleasant house in Chorrol. You need to talk to the Countess Valga in Chorrol Castle during daylight hours. She will ask for your help in recovering a portrait of her late husband, stolen from her throne room. She gives you the keys to all the private areas of the castle, and suggests you should question everyone in the castle about the matter. But she warns you to be careful not to accuse the wrong person.

You will soon narrow the suspects down to two - her rather rude steward, Orgnolf (who has a drink problem), and her personal maid, Chanel who has evidently spent a lot of time in the castle's west tower. She says she's been doing magic research there. After questioning all available characters you need to set about finding physical evidence of who committed the crime.

In the west tower you will come across a painting that has something a little odd about it. It looks as though it might have been over-painted. Go and search everybody's bedroom. Orgnolf's is on the ground floor near the entrance, and confirms his liking for alcohol. In Chanel's room you will find a lot of paint brushes hidden in a lectern. But this is still not enough evidence to confront her - if you do so she will be extremely indignant.

The final clue is very difficult to find. You need to search the dining room carefully, and there you will find some faint paint stains near the chair where Valen usually sits at mealtimes. This gives you sufficient evidence to confront her, and she will now confess that it was indeed her who took the painting. Tell the Countess what you have discovered, and she will give you a good quantity of gems and gold. And you can also now buy your home in Chorrol from her.