Buying/Acquiring Houses
Quest Information
Starting Location: Varies
Starting NPC: Varies
Possible Reward(s): Your own pad!

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One of the great pleasures in Oblivion is the range and variety of houses that are available for you to enjoy. There is one available in every city. In general you have raise the esteem, or in Oblivion terms, the "disposition" of the various rulers of the cities towards you, to a minimum of 70%. In some cases this can be achieved during the quest of raising troops for the defense of Bruma, Others have separate, and often quite complex quests on behalf of the ruler. Once you have bought a house, you then have to furnish it at the store which the ruler recommends to you.

a) Anvil is an exception to all the above rules. Benirus Manor can be obtained for just 5,000 gold, and comes fully furnished when you have completed the quest "Where Spirits Have Lease". It has a lovely view, and it is here that you will probably choose to make your base early in the game (as soon as you can afford it).

b) Bravil has a rather squalid shack overlooking a canal to the south of the city. It costs only 2,000 gold from the somewhat arrogant Count of Bravil. It is not worth bothering about unless or until you take on the Shivering Isles add-on, as it is the nearest point to the gateway to that quest in Niben Bay. You can use it to store your spare weapons if you need to get them in a hurry.

c) Bruma has a decent-sized house, near the Fighter's Guild, but without much of a view. You need to recover the Madstone for the Countess Narina Carain of Bruma, before she offers it to you. (See the quest: "Lifting the Vale")

d) Cheydinhal offers quite a large house to the far south-east of the City. It has not got a lot of character or much of a view, but it is quite acceptable. It costs 10,000 gold. Its disadvantage is that it is a bit remote, although it is close to the stables where the fastest horses in Cyrodiil are stabled.

e) Chorrol is perhaps the best home of all. Called Arborwatch, it is located next to the Mage's and Fighter's Guilds, and just up the road from Northern Stores, which are to the left of Chorrol's south gate. Your house is facing Chorrol's main feature, the Great Oak, where more or less everybody in the town comes for a gossip, and you can just sit and listen. You need to complete the quest "Canvas the Castle" before the Countess of Chorrol offers it to you for 10,000 gold.

f) Imperial City offers a really grubby little shack in the waterfront district, close to where the Gray Fox lurks. It is not worth bothering about - unless you decide to become a thief - because when you complete the Mage's Guild Quests you will take possession of the Arch-Mage's splendiferous apartment in the Arcane University (reached via portals from the main building, directly in front of you as you enter). You can loot them if you are short of cash, but you should have plenty of gold by then. You also get your own personal enchanting altar to use Soul Stones to enchant your armor or weapons at any time, and an enchanted chest which duplicates vegetable matter placed in it (although it does not appear to work with Nirnroot, a specimen of which is also growing in a pot in the bedroom). However, if you decide to leave armor or weaponry there, leave it on the bed or on the floor, as it seems to disappear if you leave it any of the cupboards or chests.

g) Leyawiin. The house available here is pretty primitive but only costs 3,000 gold. It is really not worth considering, as you can take possession of the Blackwood Company Hall, once you have completed "The Hist" quest for the Fighter's Guild. Just leave your gear on the floor in the Hall - not in a chest or cupboard, from where it might mysteriously vanish. You can loot the place if you are short of cash.

h) Skingrad has the most expensive home in Cyrodiil, called Rosethorn, costing 25,000 gold, and almost as much again to furnish. It has three stories and a basement, but not much of a view. There is, however, valuable treasure concealed in it (See the quest: "The Rosethorn Cache"). Although it's nominally owned by Count Hassildor (a vampire tolerated by the Mage's Guild), you have to negotiate with the Count's Orc Steward, Shum gro-Yarug. He is usually found lurking in the entrance hall of the Castle, along with the Count's Khajiit butler, Hal-Liurz.

There are a number of other places you can use as a home. In the main game Weynon Priory becomes vacant and you can use this. You can also safely leave stuff in any Mage's Guild or Fighter's Guild - particularly in Chorrol where you have your own chest that gives you a percentage of the Fighters Guild takings once a week, after you have completed the Fighter's Guild quests and appointed Modryn Oreyn as your deputy.

In the Knights of the Nine add-on, you can furnish two new homes. One is Deepscorn Hollow to the far south, furnished by Rowley Eardwolf. The other is in the far north, Frostcrag Spire, furnished at considerable expense by Aurelinwae. These are both "quests" on the Knights of the Nine add-on, but as there is nothing to do but find and furnish them, it is not clear why they are included in your journal.

In the Shivering Isles add-on, no homes are available for sale, but you can safely use the luxurious apartments of Syl, the Duchess of Dementia's apartments, after she is dead.