Bravil Recommendation
Quest Information
Starting Location: Bravil Mages Guild
Starting NPC: Kud-Ei
Possible Reward(s): Recommendation to Raminus Polus, Captivate Spell

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As long as you're not a wanted criminal, the Mages Guild will accept you into their ranks. However, in order to gain access to the Arcane University in Imperial City, you must visit each of the seven extended cities and receive a recommendation from the local Mages Guild representative.

In the case of Bravil, that representative is Kud-Ei. The Argonian guildmaster wants you to handle a problem between Ardaline and a Dark Elf named Varon Vamori. Varon has been trying to romance Ardaline every day and even went as far as stealing her Mage's Staff to get her attention. Kud-Ei wants you to get Varon to stop harassing Ardaline and to recover the stolen staff. To help you get the information you need out of Varon, she even presents you with a scroll of Beguile.

You'll find Varon pacing the halls of the Mages Guild during the late morning hours. Use the scroll on him, then inquire about the staff. He'll admit to taking it and then offer some lame explanation on why he did it. To make matters worse, he sold the staff to a friend of his in the Imperial City named Soris Arenim. Soris lives in the Talos Plaza district, but you'll need to make Kue-Ei aware of the situation before heading there. When you bring her up to speed on Varon's idiocy, she'll hand over another three scrolls of Beguile to help you obtain the staff from Varon's friend.

Soris Arenim lives on the western side of Talos Plaza, just two doors to the north of the district entrance. If you have plenty of money to spare, you can simply use the Beguile scroll on Soris and convince him to sell you the staff for 200 Gold. Or, if you'd rather not part with any of your hard-earned cash, use one of the scrolls on his wife, Erissare Arenim. With the added disposition, she'll reveal that the staff is in a locked chest downstairs and that the key is in Soris' desk. If you have sufficient sneak and security skills, break into the couple's upstairs bedroom and steal the key from the unlocked desk. The key will get you into the basement, where you'll find the staff in some locked drawers.

Regardless of how you obtained the staff, take it back to Bravil and hand it over to Kud-Ei. In addition to sending a recommendation to Raminus in the Arcane University, she also teached you the Captivate spell.