Black Bow Bandits
Quest Information
Starting Location: Around Leyawiin
Starting NPC: Mazoga the Orc
Possible Reward(s): 100 gold for each Black Bow

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This quest does not appear in your journal. After you have completed the "Knights of the White Stallion" quest, if you wander around the countryside near Leyawiin, you will eventually come across your old friend, Mazoga the Orc. She will invite you to join her in finding Black Bows in the locality. Just follow her to wherever she is going, and fight alongside her when the two of you arrive there.

Black Bow Bandits seem (like virtually all the evil inhabitants of Cyrodiil) to respawn after a while - possibly indefinitely - in their chosen sites. So, even though you have completed the main quests, you can carry on with the game until you have achieved the maximum level possible.

So Mazoga may take you back to Telepe, or to other sites you have not discovered yourself. Once there, she will fight vigorously alongside you, and be generous in allowing you to take all the loot. What you are mainly looking for is Black Bows, which you should take back to Count Marius Caro of Leyawiin. He will reward you with 100 gold for each, and - if you have not already accepted his earlier proposal - the offer of quite an agreeable home in Leyawiin.