Bear Season
Quest Information
Starting Location: Shadrock Farm
Starting NPC: Thorley Aethelred
Possible Reward(s): Mace Etiquette

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Thorley Aethelred is a friendly farmer who rears sheep at Shadrock Farm in the West Weald. It is equidistant between Kvatch and Skingrad, close to and and just a fraction north of west of the Daedric Shrine of Meridia. If you call on him he will tell you that his sheep are being mauled by a particular form of bear - the West Weald Bear. He wants you to deal with the problem for him. He asks you to bring six of the bear's teeth back to him, as proof you have completed the task.

The West Weald is pleasant, open country. It is easy to spot the bears - although they will usually find you first. Patrol the area for a while, and you will quickly dispatch the requisite number. They are no more difficult to kill than a normal bear.

Take the West Weald Bear Fangs back to Thorley and he will reward you with a book called Mace Etiquette worth 25 gold, which increases your skill in how use a mace, although it does not immediately add any points to your blunt weapons section. This is a simple and straightforward quest, ideal for beginners.