Baiting the Trap
Quest Information
Starting Location: Xedilian
Starting NPC: Kiliban Nyrandil
Possible Reward(s): Duskfang/Dawnfang

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Xedilian is a fort southwest of New Sheoth, on Pinnacle Road, a little short of Madgod's Boot. Here you will find Kiliban Nyrandil in one of the observation towers inside the fort. He'll tell you that three intruders have got into the building. Do you want him to kill them or let you drive them mad? The latter is the most fun.

You will follow the visitors using a series of portals between the observation towers. The first adventurer to go potty is Lewin the Rogue, who gets a fatal shock when you release a Giant Gnarl on him. Next to need a strait-jacket is Syndelius the Mage. You do him in by showing him a huge vault of treasure and pouring hundreds of keys on the floor. He goes loopy trying to find the right one to open the cage. Finally, the leader of the expedition, called Grommok, meets his destiny when you convince him he is already dead and has become a ghost.

After that you can use the final portal to go down to floor level and loot the bodies of their gold, armor and weapons. But on the way out you are yourself attacked by three beings in strange armor. Kiliban tells you that they are "Knights of Order". You now need to return to Sheogorath and tell him about this manifestation. This will lead you directly to the quest "Understanding Madness".