Bad Medicine
Quest Information
Starting Location: Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Starting NPC: Ocheeva
Possible Reward(s): The Deceiver's Finery, 100 Gold

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As part of the Enter the Eliminator quest, you will inquire about another contract from Ocheeva. This time around, Ocheeva will send you to a place called Fort Sutch where a warlord named Roderick and his company of loyal mercenaries reside. Apparently Roderick has recently taken ill and requires daily medication just to stay alive.

Your task is to infiltrate Fort Sutch and replace the medicine with a poison so that it appears that Roderick died from his illness. In order to pull it off, though, you cannot attack or be seen by anyone at the fort. Grab the poison from Ocheeva, then make your way to the west to Fort Sutch. The fort is directly north of Anvil, so that's the best place to fast-travel to first in order to save some time.

When you arrive in the main entrance of Fort Sutch, you'll notice that the main gate is guarded by one of the mercenaries. However, you can pick the lock on the gate just to your right and move through that tunnel to another locked gate. This will get you into the main chambers of the fort. If you have an exceptional amount of sneak skill, drop down behind the two mercenaries carrying a conversation and slowly make your way up to the back of the woman. Pick her pocket to snag the Fort Sutch Gate Key. If you're unable to do this, just wait for them to stop talking and they'll eventually pass through the locked gate for you.

Make your way through the tunnel leading to the back of the fort, then take a left up the staircase. If you walk straight forward, you'll run into the cabinet that contains Roderick's Medicine. Remove the medicine and replace it with Roderick's Poison, after which you'll receive an update to the quest that you can now return to Ocheeva. Retrace your steps or simply go through the main gate when the guard isn't at his post to exit the fort.

Ocheeva is happy to hear that you snuck through the fort undetected and rewards your subterfuge with 100 Gold and a robe called The Deceiver's Finery. As usual, this quest moves to the completed portion of your journal and a new quest called The Night Mother's Child shows up in its place.