A Venerable Vintage
Quest Information
Starting Location: Wawnet Inn
Starting NPC: Nerussa
Possible Reward(s): Gold

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Here is another of the quests you are most likely to do in the wrong order. As you work your way through various forts you will, from time to time, find bottles of Shadowbanish Wine. These carry certain magical properties, such as giving you four minutes of night vision, although - like most alcoholic beverages - they slightly diminish your agility and intelligence. Your journal will suggest you hang on to them until you find out more about them.

If by chance you happen across the Wawnet Inn - which is located at the western end of the main bridge into the Imperial City - you will meet the landlady, Nerussa She will tell you all about the wine and how it was used by sentries in old forts. But she will not give you the full price (the bottles are worth 55 gold apiece in normal shops) until you bring her six bottles of it.

Unfortunately this author has something of a liking for fine wines, so he drank all of his before discovering precisely how much Nerussa pays out when you bring her the necessary six.