An Unexpected Voyage
Quest Information
Starting Location: The Bloated Float
Starting NPC: Ormil
Possible Reward(s): 450 Gold

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The Bloated Float is a ship permanently moored at the east end of the waterfront of the Imperial City. You need to go there and spend 10 gold on a bed for the night from its owner, Ormil. It's a good idea to have a look round in sneak mode and steal the key to Ormil's cabin off him. Then go to bed in your cabin on the bottom deck, and sleep for a few hours.

When you wake up you will find that you are at sea. Emerging from your cabin, you will be confronted by a pirate named Lynch, a member of the Blackwater Brigands. Kill him and take the key to the store room from his body. It is on the same lower deck as your room. Inside the store room you will find an Orc called Graman gro-Marad, formerly the inn's bouncer, who has the ability to sail the ship. But he won't do anything until you make the ship safe.

Go back up to the tavern deck, and knock of the next pirate, a Dark Elf called Minx. She has the key to the top deck. Go up there and kill the next bandit, a large Nord called Wrath, who is guarding the ship's wheel. You can then go back and take Graman up to the wheel. But he still won't do anything until you kill the last of the pirates, their leader, named Selene. You'll find her in Ormil's quarters, on the tavern deck past the bar (opened by the key you stole earlier). Kill her, and a relieved Ormil will suggest you get some rest. So go back to your cabin, and after an hour of sleep, you will be back at the Waterfront.

Have a last word with Ormil - back behind the bar - and he'll say that Selene's body has been handed over to the City Guard who had a bounty on her head. He gives you the reward - 450 gold.