A Liquid Solution
Quest Information
Starting Location: Crucible
Starting NPC: Sickly Bernice
Possible Reward(s): Gold

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Sickly Bernice can be found in her Taproom at the lower end of Crucible. She says she is very ill and needs a cure for her disease. The medicine is called Aquanostrum and can be found in a pool inside a cave at Knotty Bramble, just off Pinnacle Road. Bernice will mark it on your map and give you a bottle to collect the fluid in.

Make your way there, and enter the cave, which has the usual quotient of unpleasant monsters. When you reach the pool you must jump in and get as close as possible to the statue in the middle of it, before filling the bottle. Take it back to Sickly Bernice and she will pay you a small amount of gold.

You are probably wiser not to visit Sickly Bernice's Taproom again, as if you do, she will say she's sick again, thrust another bottle on you, and demand that you go and get her some more Aquanostrum.