Alchemy Training
Quest Information
Starting Location: Bravil Mages Guild or Bruma
Starting NPC: Ardaline or Brotch Calus
Possible Reward(s): Alchemy Master Training

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When your Alchemy skill is less than 40, you can receive training from the following NPCs:
  • Felen Relas (Anvil Mages Guild)
  • S'drassa (Leyawiin Mages Guild)
When your Alchemy skill is between 40 and 70, you must seek further training from the following NPCs:
  • Ardaline (Bravil Mages Guild)
  • Brotch Calus (Bruma)
Once you've learned everything you can from the second tier trainers, speak with either of them about "Training" to learn that a master trainer exists that can teach you the most advanced techniques the skill has to offer. This gifted Alchemist is named Sinderio and he currently works out of the West Weald Inn in Skingrad. You're told that he's quite eccentric, though, so the proprietor likes to keep him out of sight.

When you arrive at the West Weald Inn, go down into Sinderion's Cellar to speak with the old man. When you ask him about training, he tells you that he's very focused on wines right now and then offers you a deal. If you're willing to fetch him a bottle of each of the best wines in Skingrad, he'll train you in Alchemy. The wines he's referring to are Tamika Vintage 399 and Surilie Brothers Vintage 399, and you'll be able to pick up a bottle of each from various locations throughout the city (check the castle's wine cellar for a sure source).

Bring the two bottles of wine back to Sinderion and he'll be very pleased. So pleased, in fact, that he agrees to accomdate you for all of your Alchemic training needs.