Affairs of a Wizard
Quest Information
Starting Location: Hero Hill
Starting NPC: Lucien Lachance via Hollowed-Out Rock
Possible Reward(s): 500 Gold

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You'll be carrying out your first "dead drop" contract for this quest, which is initiated when you find the instructions at Hero Hill during the The Dead Drop quest. Lucien's instructions tell you to travel to Leafrot Cave and destroy a necromancer by the name of Celedaen. According to the instructions, Celedaen has begun the process of transforming himself into a Lich, but has not quite completed the metamorphosis yet. He's still very powerful, though, so Lucien recommends searching the cave for Celedaen's writings to determine if he has a weakness.

Leafrot Cave is located far to the south, just at the northeast tip of Panther River. The cave itself is guarded by a variety of undead, so be prepared for battle before entering. It won't be far into the cave before you find a book called "The Path of Transcendence," which chronicles Celedaen's plans to become a Lich and reveals that simply destroying the vessel containing a Lich's spirit would inevitably destroy the Lich himself. The vessel in which Celedaen has used is a magical hourglass called the Sands of Resolve, but the journal claims that Celedaen has possession of the hourglass at all times. If you can pickpocket it from him, though, it would destroy him.

Make your way through the cave system until you reach the door leading into Leafrot Hollow. Celedaen is just in the next room, so prepare accordingly. If you have sufficient sneak skill, you're definitely going to want to use the pickpocket route to take him down. Otherwise, you're in for a serious battle. In addition to launching fire spells like crazy, Celedaen will be summoning undead to his aid through the entire fight. Either way, once Celedaen has been defeated, your journal will be updated with the information for your next dead drop. You must proceed to Chorrol and search for an old sack hidden in the bushes at the base of the city's Great Oak. Loot Celedaen's corpse and the surrounding area, then exit the cave and fast-travel to Chorrol's north gate.

Search the old sack to find 500 Gold and your second set of orders. This will initiate the Next of Kin quest.