Accidents Happen
Quest Information
Starting Location: Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Starting NPC: Vicente Valtieri
Possible Reward(s): Sufferthorn, 100 Gold

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Once you've taken out Gaston Tussaud in the A Watery Grave quest, Vicente Valtieri will offer you another contract. This time around, your instructions are to stage an "accident" to remove a Wood Elf named Baenlin from existence. Baenlin resides in Bruma and typically sits in a chair near his fireplace between 8:00pm and 11:00pm. A minotaur's head has been mounted above Baenlin's chair, and your job is to loosen the fastenings so that the head commits the fatal strike for you. Vicente explains that if Baenlin is killed in any other manner, or if his manservant Gromm is killed, you will forfeit a "considerable" bonus.

Use the fast-travel feature to arrive at Bruma's east gate, then take the first road to the right. Baelin's home is just a couple of doors down, but you don't want to enter through the front if you can avoid it. Instead, make your way around back and enter the locked basement door. Once inside, take the two flights of stairs up to the locked door leading to the home's main floor.

Pick this second lock, then sneak up to the second floor. Take a right at the balcony and enter the room with the crawlspace door. Move the door aside, then remove the fastenings from the mounted minotaur head. Baenlin will be killed, as expected.

Head back through the basement to exit the house, making sure you don't draw any attention from Gromm who is investigating the death of his master. Once you're back in the city limits of Bruma, return to Cheydinhal and report your progress to Vicente Valtieri. He will reward you with a blade called Sufferthorn and 100 Gold, as well as a promotion to the rank of "Slayer." Take a moment to check out your new weapon, then speak with Vicente again to begin the No Rest for the Wicked quest.