A Brush With Death
Quest Information
Starting Location: Cheydinhal
Starting NPC: Tivela Lythandas
Possible Reward(s): Apron of Adroitness

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Rumors in Cheydinhal lead you to this somewhat weird quest. You hear that a painter named Rythe Lythandas has gone missing. Use your map to find his house, which is just south of the Fighter's Guild, and next to your own home (if you have already bought one in Cheydinhal). There you will find his agitated Dunmer wife, Tivela. She says Rythe usually locks himself in his studio to work, but regularly comes out to eat. But he has not been out for more than a day. She asks you to investigate and gives you a key to the studio.

Inside the studio, you will find a painting of a forest. If you touch it you will actually enter the picture. Everything is a bit blurry and surreal. After wandering around for a bit, you should find Rythe. He tells you that a thief broke into his studio and stole his Brush of Truepaint. After getting into the picture, the thief painted pictures of some Trolls to protect him; but they came to life, turned on him, and killed him. The brush is still on his body, and Rythe cannot get out without it.

So off you go, killing a fair number of Trolls as you search the area, until you eventually find the body of the thief. It's roughly east, lying in a snowy valley, just outside what is quite a large forest, surrounded by mountains, which you cannot scale. Take the brush back to Rythe. He will give you some Turpentine to clean the painting, and then paint a new exit back to his home. Follow him through, and he will give you his Apron of Adroitness as a reward.