A Brotherhood Betrayed
Quest Information
Starting Location: Bruma
Starting NPC: Erline Bradon/Raynil Dralas
Possible Reward(s): Phylactery of Litheness

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This long and complex quest starts in Bruma when you pick up rumors that a local resident called Bradon Lirrian has been killed by a vampire hunter named Raynil Dralas. But nobody believes Bradon was really a vampire. Use your close-up map to locate Bradon's House. An investigative guard, called Carius Runellius, tells you to leave, as this is a crime scene. Ignore him, have a look in the cellar (where there is a body) and then talk to Bradon's wife, Erline. She insists her husband was not a vampire, and the body was planted.

Go and look for Raynil, who is staying at the inn, Olav's Tap and Tack, near the city gates. Raynil's not there, but with a small bribe you can persuade Olav to give you the key to his room. Search it, and you will find his journal. It tells you that Raynil Dralas was one of a group of three who found an Ayleid artifact, and stashed it in a chest in a cave somewhere. It needed three keys to open it, and they took one each. The other members of the group were Bradon and someone named Gelebourne.

Ask Olav, and he'll tell you that Gelebourne was also killed by Raynil as an alleged vampire. Go back to Bradon's house and give Raynil's journal to Carius Runellius. He will ask you to meet him in Olav's Tap and Tack in an hour. He'll then tell you that Raynil has been seen heading for Boreal Stone Cave, which he marks on your map.

Head out there with all speed, and after killing the odd rat or two, you will locate Raynil. He attacks you, so you have no option but to kill him. Taking the three keys from his body, you can now open the waterlogged chest that contains the Ayleid artifact - an amulet called the Phylactery of Litheness, which increases athleticism. Take this back to Erline Bradon at her home in Bruna. She will use a secret word to unlock its power, and then give it back to you as a reward.