Intellect Devourer
Get Rid of the Guards

When you first enter the lower level of The Pits, you are hidden from the Mind Devourer by a wall. If you walk straight forward and a little left, you remain hidden by the wall and also enter the path of one of the guards. Wait for the guard to come near you and then talk to him and persuade them to leave. Now, turn to your henchmen and order them to Stand Your Ground. This will leave the henchman hidden behind the wall.

Make sure you are not encumbered, and proceed to try and take the furthest and most well hidden path from the Mind Devourer (you have to go left). Ignore any chests or other items and simply continue around the area, going clock-wise, keeping out of sight of the MD and convince each guard to leave. If you happen to attract the attention of the MD, angle his straight line approach so that he comes up behind you and start running to the next guard (you should be faster than the MD). Pause as soon as you are close enough to initiate a conversation with each guard and persuade them to leave. Once you have gotten rid of all four guards, you will be back at the entrance of the area (where you left your henchman), and you can activate the henchman to join in the battle again.

This makes dispatching the MD much easier and I'm usually able to get rid of at least two guards before I get noticed. Using Tiger as your henchman seems to work best as he does the most damage while the HO and then the MD concentrate on you. If you run out of healing, don't forget that you can teleport back to the Halls of Justice with the Stone of Recall and get healed for free, plus you can buy more potions/kits.

Submitted By: Robert Pilkington

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