Legend of Grimrock Ice Magic Spells
Ice Shards

Required Level: Ice Magic 3

Upgrades: N/A

Evaluation: Early-game spell that damages all enemies several tiles in a row ahead of the party. Moderate damage output and low Energy cost makes this spell very useful early on, but two runes means it takes slightly longer to cast.

Enchant Frost Arrow

Required Level: Ice Magic 7

Upgrades: N/A

Evaluation: Enchants any arrows or quarrels you place in the Mage's hands. Ice damage is very effective.


Required Level: Ice Magic 13

Upgrades: Improved Icebolt (Ice Magic 24)

Evaluation: Deals significant damage to distant targets, and has a chance to freeze them solid for about 10 seconds. Low damage compared to some other spells, but the chance to freeze enemies more than makes up for it.

Frost Shield

Required Level: Ice Magic 19

Upgrades: N/A

Evaluation: Provides +35 Resist Cold. Cold damage is rare until the endgame, when going up against Goromorgs, but there are few sources of Resist Cold in the game, so Ice Shield may be more critical than other shield spells.