Priest Spells - Level Three
Animate Dead (SCRL2D)

Call Lightning

[HoW] Cause Disease (SPPR315X)

[HoW] Circle of Bones (SPPR319X)

[HoW] Cloudburst (SPPR321X)

Cure Disease (SPPR314C)

Dispel Magic (SPPR303C)

[HoW] Exaltation (SPPR316X)

Glyph of Warding (SPPR304C)

Hold Animal

[HoW] Holy Smite (SPPR324X)

Invisibility Purge

Miscast Magic

[HoW] Mold Touch (SPPR322X)

[HoW] Moonblade (SPPR318X)

Prayer (SPPR313C)

Protection From Fire (SPPR306C)

Remove Curse (SPPR307C)

Remove Paralysis (SPPR308C)

Rigid Thinking

[HoW] Spike Growth (SPPR320X)

[HoW] Storm Shell (SPPR323X)

Strength of One

[HoW] Unholy Blight (SPPR325X)