Built to Destroy

Prerequisite: None

The Flamer that burns twice as bright burns half as long. All weapons have +3% chance to Critical Hit, but equipment condition decays 15% faster.

Fast Shot

Prerequisite: None

While using Guns and Energy Weapons, you fire 20% more quickly but your shots are 20% less accurate.

Four Eyes

Prerequisite: A Perception score below 10.

While wearing any type of glasses, you have +1 Perception. Without glasses, you have -1 Perception.

Good Natured

Prerequisite: None

You're Good Natured at heart, so are more prone to solving problems with your mind rather than with violence. You gain +5 to Barter, Medicine, Repair, Science, and Speech, but have -5 to Energy Weapons, Explosives, Guns, Melee Weapons, and Unarmed.

Heavy Handed

Prerequisite: None

Your melee and unarmed attacks do more damage, but less critical hit damage.


Prerequisite: None

You have +10 Action Points but your reckless nature causes you to have a -2 toward your Damage Threshold.

Loose Cannon

Prerequisite: None

From Frag Grenades to Throwing Spears, you can throw weapons 30% faster at the cost of 25% less range.

Small Frame

Prerequisite: An Agility score below 10.

Due to your small size, you have +1 Agility but your limbs are more easily crippled.

Trigger Discipline

Prerequisite: None

While using Guns and Energy Weapons, you fire 20% more slowly but are 20% more accurate.

Wild Wasteland

Prerequisite: None

Wild Wasteland unleashes the most bizarre and silly elements of post-apocalyptic America. Not for the faint of heart or the serious of temperament.